The Importance And Potential Of Cryptocurrency Presales

If SSW can emulate or get close to the success of Filecoin, it may well be unwise to miss the chance to get involved with the Seesaw Protocol presale. Cryptocurrency has the power to make investors vast sums of money. Of course, there is an element of risk in crypto, as there is inherently built into any form of investment. When it comes to choosing a time to invest in a crypto project, the widely held belief is ‘the earlier the better’. Seesaw Protocol is being talked about as one of the most promising presales of 2022. Seesaw Protocol will hope to follow in the successes of the Filecoin presale and ICO.

It is a token that is idealistically different to FIL but one with similarly lofty ideals, and a high level of utility. Seesaw Protocol will give its users the ability to conduct cross-chain swaps. This enables SSW holders to find the best and quickest chain for their transaction, as well as the one with the lowest gas fees. DeFi protocols reached an all-time high of $236 billion TVL in 2021, and Seesaw Protocol is uniquely positioned to capitalise on this growing market. In its presale and ICO, Filecoin raised an astonishing $52m and $205m respectively.


The initial price was set at a dollar and increased with every investment. Within no time at all almost $200m was raised and the price was at $4.58. Filecoin’s ICO had to be suspended after the flow of investors caused its system to temporarily break down. Presales take place even before the Initial Coin Offering .

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They had huge investors in the private presale, including Sequoia Capital and Union Square Ventures. This in turn drew thousands of public how do you make your own cryptocurrency investors who were confident of the project’s success. One of the key features of the presale was the incentives offered to early buyers.

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Early investors will gain more tokens and as with Filecoin, the price will increase as more people climb on board. According to CoinGecko, FIL’s price exploded to $114 in the hours after it was finally listed in 2020, rewarding those who invested early. This was around 100x on what early investors got it for during the presale.

Cryptocurrencies to Buy Right Now: Shiba Inu (SHIB) Up 30% and Seesaw Protocol Increases 400% in Presale – Bitcoinist

Cryptocurrencies to Buy Right Now: Shiba Inu (SHIB) Up 30% and Seesaw Protocol Increases 400% in Presale .

Posted: Wed, 09 Feb 2022 06:26:49 GMT [source]

The first is catered towards potentially larger investors. They can be expensive but in return may provide exclusive benefits such as private bonuses once the token is released. The second type of presale is one that is open to the public, which is where the majority of presale tokens are sold. Cryptocurrency presales are mutually beneficial, and often facilitate the creators’ ability to apply the final touches to a project. A large presale is often followed by an explosion of a coin upon release. Its users want to bring down the price of data storage by creating a huge global network of storage.


By making use of the existing amount of storage, Filecoin prevents the need for more to be built, thus helping the environment. We will deploy our token on the Ethereum Network. Token launch allocation will be determined after presale ends.

seesaw presale

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