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How to hire app developer? Places, costs, tips and practices 2022

Developers often advertise their services on popular sites such as Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc. You can also put up a job advert and have developers bid for them. For a more specific selection of candidates, consider niche freelance platforms like DevTeam.Space and Hired. If you’re looking to hire a freelance app developer, you may first want to consider recommendations from people within your circle.

In general, it’s always smart to avoid the developer with the lowest quote. The saying, “you get what you pay for” is probably most applicable to software development. It may be a small app with few functionalities or an enterprise-scale solution with lots of features. Whichever the case, ensure that your development provider gives you an estimated project timeline. As stated earlier, native apps will generally cost you the most in terms of development and maintenance. Although web apps are the cheapest, there’s a significant trade-off in the performance department.

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If you are a startup and want to deliver your project to the market faster than your competitors then timing is important. In this case it might be better to develop an MVP with core functionality included while minor features leave for later after the release phase. You will have a chance to test drive your project and get first customer feedback to enhance its further development. With our highly experienced and certified team, we make outsourcing seem like a breeze. We start by getting to know your organization, your application goals and chart an app development journey. We’re here to overcome the challenges, smoothen the workflow, maximize productivity and ensure a customer experience worth coming back for.

You can learn how to code and build it yourself, but that’s not reasonable or realistic for everyone. You also can’t expect a quality app to get built in a month. See what kind of gut feeling you get from the initial meeting with the developer. In addition to asking for references, you should try to arrange a face to face meeting with the developer.

how to hire a mobile app developer

Whereas for Android app development, you need to look for Android app developers skilled in Java, Kotlin or C++. While the hourly cost to hire a native app developer is starting from USD 20 to USD 25+, depending upon the skills and experience. Hiring full-time developers directly from the market can enable you to have your own app development team. One can find and hire top mobile app developers from the leading IT directories like When developing your mobile application, you can get dedicated developers who will work on your project and carry your development process. This way you can have greater control over the development process.

Simplify teamwork

Another option is to join mobile application developer communities through the many forums and social media websites. These communities will generally have a separate section or channel on which jobs can be posted. An advantage of such communities is that active members are well versed in mobile development and are likely to be great candidates for your post. No matter how much does it cost to hire an app developer, a lot will depend on how your audience receives it.

how to hire a mobile app developer

Closed OS with a great ecosystem, an abundance of innovative features and services. Because of the nature of app development for iOS, almost all digital solutions work without bugs or failure of performance. It is an open-source OS with many third-party skins working on different frameworks.

How much does it cost to hire app developer

There are several good mobile app frameworks like React Native, Flutter, PhoneGap, Ionic, AngularJS, NodeJS, VueJS, and more. To find the best suitable for your business, we have to understand your app idea. The answer to this question completely depends on the users you want to target through your app. Once you inform the company about the business idea and the budget, the next step is planning. The development team strategizes by analyzing all the aspects of the client’s business objectives and plan accordingly.

  • Learn what programming languages are there in use for mobile apps.
  • This is how you can know about the pros and cons properly and find a suitable company for you.
  • So, before you hire mobile app developers, read this blog thoroughly to know the important information.
  • These are frequently more focused on IoT capabilities, which generally require an in-depth understanding of certain programming principles as well as system security skills.
  • This will help you narrow your search and focus on only the developers within that budget.

Offshore teams are adept at working on multiple projects without compromising on quality. Since these developers are proficient in developing custom apps, you can have quick entry into the market. Your outsourcing company will make sure that your project is delivered on time. Developers from offshore companies have great expertise and experience to develop feature-rich, functional, and high-performing apps. These developers work on the best projects and are well-aware of the latest trends & technologies in the market. Mobile app development right now, but in a long run, such apps will be the key to digitalization.

Determine Your Requirements

The quality of the work a developer or agency can deliver depends largely on their experience. This is why you must have a clear picture of their work background. Ultimately, you always have to remember that you’re not looking for just any type of mobile developer. Mobile app development agencies possess rich specialized experience. They understand how the mobile space works better and can offer better result-oriented solutions.

There are several reasons why a mobile app development company is better than a freelancer. If you don’t have much development work to accomplish, you can hire a freelancer. The same thing with Android app developers for hire on Upwork, by the way.

Irrespective of its purpose, a mobile app can either be a native, web, or hybrid. Once you’ve chosen the type of app you want to build, you can now start your search for the perfect candidate. The majority of app development projects can last several months and often require constant communication between your team and theirs. Similarly, time zones, the terms and conditions of your contract, and choice of communication platforms are factors you cannot afford to overlook.

Quality Assurance

Regardless of which platform you choose as the basis, in the future, you will have to scale. Speaking of the location, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia remain outsourcing leaders. Generally, due to the geographical proximity, decent level of education, and affordable rates, Eastern Europe is a favorite for many companies worldwide. Once everything is finalized, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with you to protect your idea and provide you with the necessary documents. You have to provide us with your name, email ID, phone number, Skype ID, and any social media hangout.

Above we have mentioned the important aspects which one should keep in mind before hiring a perfect mobile app developer. Give time for doing the right research and to make a perfect list of your requirements. In addition, try to move towards a perfect mobile app development company to learn about various how to hire a mobile app developer fields and to interact with a larger team of potential employees. Stay tuned with us for more updates and information like this. You should check to determine if the app developer you wish to employ is qualified for a particular project. Do you prefer a complex or simple graphical user interface?

All solutions

Overall, you just want to make sure that your developer is well rounded. If this app is going to be an extension of your current business, it needs to fit within your brand’s image. How can you expect someone to develop something for you if you don’t even know what you want? You’re going to be working with this person for a long timeand giving them lots of money. So just make sure that you don’t skip any of the steps, and you’re very thorough. Mobile Apps For Events Create mobile experiences your attendees will love.

This method is in stark contrast to hiring a freelancer or preferring an outsourced team and requires time, effort and can work in the cases of a long term project. This eliminates the challenges overcome to hire app developers and requires training and updating of your current team. The contractual nature of the agreement with a freelancer is devoid of any organization related benefits that an employee may be offered. This cuts down the freelance app developers cost in some cases.

You simply pay an hourly rate for a particular developer, and the vendor takes care of the rest, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. On average, looking for a relevant experience that matches your project requirements helps increase transparency between the developer and the client. There is an overall positive impact with hiring a specialist in your app requirement’s niche as they are prone to handle technical issues and challenges efficiently. Simply putting your job requirement on your website does not guarantee that you will be flooded with applications.

As mentioned earlier, hiring mobile app developers and creating a dynamic app requires a rigorous process to follow coupled with expertise. Different places have different hourly charges due to certain reasons. We handled more than 1000 projects and served clients from the USA, Canada, Australia, and India.

In-house recruitment is the most lengthy and expensive out of these options. The cooperation with freelancers we would recommend for short projects with simple tasks, while agencies are preferable for medium and large projects. Follow these points and find the best mobile app development company.

Hence, the total cost of mobile app development will depend on your team’s size, engineers’ seniority, and project duration. Software development services are traditionally the most expensive in the US, Canada, and Western and Northern Europe. Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa offer more affordable services with the same quality.

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